Values & Objectives

TeamCon is a PCO founded by four select and internationally recognized travel management companies in Turkey of similar philosophy, work ethics, solid professional background and a high level of dedication for the quality and success of each and every organization handled.

We believe that the organization of an international congress/conference requires meticulous planning and skillful application where coordination between the organizing committees, sponsors, official bodies and various service suppliers are of utmost importance.

Furthermore, the scope and the content of today's congresses and conferences necessitate the joint efforts and know-how of more than one destination management company. TeamCon is founded in response to this need where the knowledge, experienced workforce and the financial strength of five well-established travel companies are successfully combined and coordinated through one strong body.

We are a Team

The firm makes extensive use of its decision maker team which consists of its partner companies' top executives to provide the appropriate services required for every project. Every part of our practice is client-focused and carefully examined by our professionals to ensure the delivery of exemplary service at every level.

TeamCon is represented by the president and vice president, while the firm is being administrated by the general manager. The remaining team members, by undertaking special functions, deal with all the details of the events and supervise the projects at the same time.

A young and dynamic staff work in TeamCon's office and they control the planning, marketing, sales and operation of the national and international congresses and events. The aim in this structure is to enable the decision takers and the team members to work together in order to finalize the given services with uppermost quality.

Founder Partners of TeamCon